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Book Review: The Voodoo Killings

May 12, 2016

I'm always a little hesitant when a book is about zombies. I mean how many ways can you write about the brain eating undead. But this book proved me wrong. Kincaid is a practitioner, which means she has the ability to raise the dead as zombies or call to ghosts by accessing the Otherside. She used to help people by working with the police to raise recently murdered folks to solve crimes, but since that's all been outlawed not only is she broke but she is forced to eek out a living doing not so glamorous events. Enter a stray zombie that she feels compelled to help out (mostly because she'd be suspect of raising him), and a murder the police can't handle, suddenly Kincaid is very popular again. This book is written 100% from Kincaid's point of view and in the first person.

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Author Interview: Holly Jennings

April 14, 2016

Our featured author this month is the break out author, Holly Jennings. We're giving away a copy of her first novel, "Arena", to one lucky reader.

Holly Jennings is a self-proclaimed nerd and lover of all things geeky and weird. As the firstborn to a sports enthusiast, it was soon discovered that the only games she'd ever learn to master involved consoles and controllers. Her childhood was spent crushing virtual foes, racing on simulated tracks, and rescuing digital princesses. As a young adult, she fell in love with English class, speculative novels, and comic books, which inspired her to create stories of her own. Eventually, her passions converged and she started writing about the future of video games. She lives in Canada.

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